Basketball Uniforms Range

Looking for Basketball Uniforms?

ProBall has been making Basketball Uniforms since 1983. When we started making Basketball Uniforms they were all made by the "Cut and Sew" method. This is where we would cut out different coloured material and sew it together to give you a pattern. Over the years we introduced sublimation that enables us to print pretty much any design onto your Basketball Uniform. Now we are able to offer both methods to give you the best option at the best price for you.

Looking for a Basketball Uniform?

ProBall Sports Uniforms have been manufacturing Basketball Uniforms since 1983. Find out why our uniforms are so popular.

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Basketball Uniforms Range

At ProBall, we manufacture Basketball Uniforms using both the "Cut and Sew" and "Sublimation" methods. We also offer two ranges to suit your team budget. So this means that when deciding on your new Basketball Uniforms you choose from:

Complete Basketball Uniforms Range

Not only do we have 3 different ranges for you to choose from, but we can also supply you with all the garments you needs, including:

So no matter what your budget and design ideas, ProBall can help you get the right Basketball Uniform for your team. Simply call us on 1300 815 665 or fill in our online quote form.