Youth Basketball Uniforms

Looking for Kids Basketball Jerseys?

ProBall offers our complete range of Basketball Uniforms in kids sizing. This means that you can order your complete teams' Basketball Jerseys from us; from xxx-small to larger adult sizes. So make sure you ask us about our Kids Basketball Jersey sizing when getting a quote for your new teams' uniforms.

Looking for Kids Basketball Jerseys?

ProBall Sports Uniforms have been manufacturing Basketball Jerseys since 1983. Find out why our Jerseys are so popular.

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Kids Basketball Jerseys - choose from our ranges

Our Kids Basketball Jerseys are made exactly the same way as our adult jerseys. This means you get to choose from the different manufacturing styles and which features are important to you. We are mindful that Kids Basketball Jerseys come in for 'rougher than normal' handling so to get uniforms that last a long time often is a critical factor. We can also supply boys and girls basketball shorts with your jerseys.

Kids Basketball Jerseys built to last

Proball Youth Basketball uniforms are more likely to be outgrown before they are likely to wear out. Additionally in the event a client needs to replace a missing or lost uniform Proball will take an order as small as one uniform and still deliver in the rapid time frame as applied to all orders.

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So if you want Kids Basketball Jerseys that will not only last but look great, give us a go. Simply call us on 1300 815 665 or fill in our online quote form.