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Netball Bodysuits are very popular with the junior Netball Team. With the built in brief you can be assured of your modesty and don't need to consider buying matching briefs. Our Netball Bodysuits come in different styles and designs to ensure that we have the right Bodysuit for your team and budget.

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ProBall Sports Uniforms have a range of Netball Bodysuit styles and designs to suit your budget and needs.

Choose from one of our designs or let our team design you an original.

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Netball Bodysuits - Panel or Sublimated

Our Netball Bodysuits are made with two different manufacturing methods to ensure we have a range of different price levels to suit any budget.

Panel Netball Bodysuit

When we manufacture a Netball Bodysuit, we start by cutting out panels of material which are then sewn together. With a Panel Bodysuit, we cut out the pattern in a few extra panels which can be cut from different coloured material. How many panels and what coloured material we use is what creates the bodysuit design.

The main advantage of a Panel Netball Bodysuit is that there is no additional printing needed, so we can manufacture these at a lower cost.

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Panel Netball Bodysuit

Sublimated Netball Bodysuit

Sublimation is where we print a design onto white material; much like printing a design onto paper with your printer. These designs are printed onto our Bodysuit patterns and then cut and sewn to make our Netball Bodysuits.

The main advantage of a Sublimated Netball Bodysuit is that you can have pretty much any design you want. They are also perfect for having your sponsors logos included. However, because of the extra processes, they are more expensive to manufacture then the traditional panel bodysuit.

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Sublimated Netball Bodysuit

Netball Bodysuit Gallery

Below are some of the Netball Bodysuits we have made.

More than just Netball Bodysuits

Let us help you with all your Netball Uniform needs. Along with your Netball Bodysuits, we can also help you with:

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