Netball Dresses

Looking for Netball Dresses?

ProBall has a wide range of Netball dresses and designs to suit any budget. From a simple panel Netball Dress through to a sublimated original design, we are sure to have something for you. Our A-Line Netball Dresses have several design features that you can choose to ensure you get the best dress for your needs.

Looking for Netball Dresses?

ProBall Sports Uniforms have a range of A-Line Netball Dress styles and designs to suit any budget or needs.

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Netball Dresses - Panel or Sublimated?

When choosing a Proball A-Line Netball Dress, you have 2 main options.

Panel Netball Dress

When manufacturing a Netball Dress (or any garment for that matter), we start by cutting "panels" out of the relevant material and then sewing these together to create the dress.

The traditional panel Netball Dress uses different coloured materials in these panels to create the design. As there are a limited number of panels you can have on a Netball Dress, these designs are generally much simpler. However, if your design only involves the normal panels, these dresses are generally the lowest cost to make.

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Panel Netball Dress

Sublimated Netball Dress

The sublimated Netball Dress starts with white material that is printed onto with whatever design is decided on. This process means that you can have pretty much any design you want, but as it involves an additional process it can be more expensive to make than the panel dress.

These are the types of Netball Dresses you see being worn by your favourite Trans-Tasman Championship team.

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Sublimated Netball Dress

Netball Dress Gallery

Below are some of the Netball Dresses we have made.

Netball Dresses and more

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