Panel Netball Dresses

Looking for Panel Netball Dresses?

Our Panel Netball Dress is perfect for clubs looking for a great looking Netball Dress at a budget price. Whilst your design is limited by the number of panels in the dress, we have several different features that allows you to have a Netball Dress that will stand out from the rest. Piping, bands and inserts can really take the design to the next level, whilst the option of an action back or full back can give your dress the performance you require.

Looking for Netball Dresses?

ProBall Sports Uniforms have a range of A-Line Panel Netball Dress styles and designs to suit your budget and needs.

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Panel Netball Dress Options

When deciding on your Panel Netball Dress, you have several different options to choose from.

Netball Dress Back

Choose from the more traditional Full Back or the Action Back for more freedom of movement.

Netball Dress Panel

Choose between having no panel or a panel with a different colour. Or why not have a panel with the same colour and use piping to introduce a different colour.

Netball Dress Piping

Piping is a great way to introduce a different colour to your netball dress design or to separate different panel colours.

Netball Dress Inserts

Inserts (like Piping) is a great way to introduce a different colour to your Netball Dress design.

Netball Dress Bands

Bands help make the head and arm openings of your Netball Dress harder wearing. You can choose to have these either the same colour as the overall dress or to introduce a different colour.

Netball Dresses and more

At Proball Sports Uniforms we can help you with more than just Netball Dresses. We can also help you with:

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