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Atlanta Hawks unveil new Basketball Uniforms

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New Basketball Uniforms - Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks announced a new range of Basketball Uniforms back in June. The design not only introduced some new artwork, but also 3 new colours. So what do you think?

What goes into a new Basketball Uniform Design?

When your basketball team or club decides it's time for a new Basketball Uniform, how much time and thought goes into it. Do you put together a committee to discuss the club and area history to try and incorporate this into a unique design; or do you just pick an existing club design you like and tweak it with your colours and artwork?

Well if you're the Atlanta Hawks, it would appear you pay a marketing company some money to not only come up with a new design, but also a story that explains every element of the design. Here is just a few of our favourite parts of the new design launch notes:

  • The design has a V-shaped "Feather Pattern" on various parts of the uniform (Jersey and 1 leg of the Shorts). This captures the essence of an attacking hawk, with it's wings upswept and talons down. This is of course also related to the "attacking" style of play the Atlanta Hawks use.
  • This is a first for a complete Basketball Uniform design, with not only the basketball jerseys and shorts matching, but also the socks, shoes and shoelaces.
  • The 3 new colours are an important part of the new design:
    • Torch Red - is symbolic of the team’s red-hot spirit and fiery passion for the game. It has been a consistent thread throughout almost all Atlanta Hawks teams from its inception.
    • Georgia Granite Gray - like the distinct Georgia stone, is demonstrative of the organization’s firm foundation comprised of deep character, strength and rock-solid integrity.
    • Volt Green - takes its inspiration from the Hawks early 1970s teams, representing fearless innovation and vibrancy.
Complete Basketball Uniforms Kit - Atlanta Hawks

To get the full excitement of this new Basketball Uniform launch and to truly understand the significance of it all, make sure you watch the launch video below:

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