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Brisbane Bullets Basketball Team is BACK

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Brisbane Bullets back with new Basketball Uniforms

Have you heard the news???

That's right, the Brisbane Bullets are back!!!

The NBL announced this month that the Brisbane Bullets will be back for the 2016/2017 season. This is great news for all Australian Basketball Fans, but especially those in Brisbane. This will be the first Basketball Team in south east Queensland, since the Gold Coast Blaze collapsed in 2012.

The Brisbane Bullets were one of the foundation clubs of the NBL back in 1979. They went through a dominant period during the 80's when they won 2 championships and consistently had sold out games. Their 3rd championship was won in 2007, however within a year of this they had collapsed due to financial problems with the club owner, Eddy Groves.

New Brisbane Bullets - New Basketball Uniforms

It was also announced that the new Brisbane Bullets would have a new colour, logo and uniform. Whereas in the past they were blue and gold, they will now be maroon and gold to capture the Queensland colours. Could their new Basketball Uniforms look similar to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Original Brisbane Bullets Basketball Team Logo

New Brisbane Bullets Basketball Team Logo
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