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Skipping Drills for Basketball


Skipping is REALLY important in honing and developing skills. Think for a second when you've seen an athlete training with a skipping rope... boxers are often the first thing that jumps to mind. Why are boxers always seen with a skipping rope? Because you need lightning fast speed to dodge punches both in your upper body and with your feet. Arms need to be fast, feet need to be fast AND boxers need to be on the balls of their feet to move. Skipping trains you for that.

Basketballers should be training with a skipping rope daily and its a great way to warm up before the game. Skipping daily will help you or your players with coordination the comes from following the natural rythmic pattern of turning the rope and jumping/skipping at the same time. Skippers will also increase wrist and finger dexterity from turning the rope. It teachers players to look up will they are moving around with a skipping rope following the jump beat and it also teachers quick contact with the floor resulting in foot speed AND jumping skills.

Skipping Drills for Basketball Players and Coaches

  1. Quick Feet
    here you simply start with both feet on the ground and turn the rope as fast as you can. This is the starting point and this drill is really important in learning and setting the basics for skipping rope. Finding it too easy, go faster ;)
  2. Lateral Quick Feet
    do the same as above but move sideways while skipping. This is really important for improving ankle and foot stability as well as control and balance.
  3. Ali Shuffle
    start this drill with one foot forward and one foot back. As you skip switch feet so that you alternate forward feet. This is great in establishing a recovery point with one foot forward, excellent for defensive speed training.
  4. Hurdle Step
    other foot. This will build single leg strength and elasticity in one leg. Note that too much Hurdle Step Skipping can create shin splints as the stress on the lower leg is considerably higher than in the double leg skipping.
  5. Lateral Hurdle Step
    exactly the same as above but you are jumping side to side on the one leg.
  6. Double Jump
    if you're getting good and your rope coordination is decent try doing two turns of the rope each time you jump. This work well at increase leg strength and vertical as you are improving the power in the lower leg.

Try to get each drill to last 30 seconds.

Here is a proposed training schedule for our skipping drills. This should last about 10 minutes.

  • Quick Feet - 3 x 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds between each 30 second rep
  • Lateral Quick Feet - 3 x 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds between each 30 second rep
  • Ali Shuffle - 3 x 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds between each 30 second rep
  • Hurdle Step - 3 x 5 seconds, each leg, rest 10 seconds
  • Doubgle Jumps - 2 x 10 (20 total)
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