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What our customers say about ProBall Sports Uniforms

Arrows - Basketball Uniforms

Well let me first say we have absolutely no complaints regarding Proball. The uniforms are of the highest quality. We are playing in some uniforms that are 3 years old and are yet still as new, even after having been worn virtually every week in the season. The quality of the designs exceeds what we imagined and the stitching of the letters and numbers ensures they maintain thei 'as new' condition.

The range of clothing available competes with any other we have seen, and the warm up tops we have brought are of the same high, hard wearing quality as the basketball uniforms.

The service we get from Proball is fantastic. Nothing seems too much trouble.

Shaun Meakin

Basketball Jersey's Look Amazing

Hi there Emma and Bernie and team,

The Monstars beasketball jerseys arrived today and look AMAZING! Thank you so much for all your help. Will definitely recommend you to other teams looking for basketball jerseys.


Basketball Uniforms a Resounding Success

Well the uniforms were a resounding success, and I'd like to take this opportunity once more to thank you for everything, you and the proball team went above and beyond and the customer service (right down to my neurotic last minute calls daily) were answered and seen to with haste and professionalism.

I could safely say over 10 years and 3 uniforms, we'd struggle to look anywhere else!


Brindabella Basketball Association - Basketball Jerseys

Proball has been the sole supplier of uniforms to Brindabella Basketball for 2 years. They were selected on the basis of the quality of their materials and the quality of their workmanship. We have a very complicated uniform design with large amounts of embroidery, panels, sponsor names and stars, only Proball were able to undertake the work to a standard that would last and which would justify the expense. We have no hesitation in recommending their products. The high quality of their personal service and willingness to meet our needs has been a welcome change from other suppliers of lesser quality uniforms.

Debbie Laver
Executive Secretary
Brindabella Basketball Association

Coffs Harbour - Basketball Uniforms

The new basketball uniforms hit the courts last weekend where our teams had a triple header road trip.

Rave reviews for the uniforms from everyone, especially our opponents.

Feel free to use me as a reference at anytime for Proball quality of product, service and price. We look forward to a long term association with your company.

Ken Lowry

Covenant - Basketball Jerseys

Our basketball team needed new uniforms, but after checking around, I was depressed by the lack of style and quality in our price range. When I found Proball online, I was sceptical that they could really offer custom ball uniforms at such low prices.

I placed my order after checking with one of the U.S. schools that had ordered from Proball, and now I know why that coach gave Proball such a great endorsement: Proball is fantastic! Their customer service is incredible, their prices are appreciably less than what other companies charge for similar uniforms, and our delivery time was less than three weeks. Last but definitely not least, the uniforms look great and are of high quality. I especially like the fact that all of the letters and numbers are sewn on, not heat-transferred or screened, and the shorts are fully lined, so the uniforms hold up well. Proball even added 2 inches to the length of our jerseys and shorts at no extra charge.

I felt Proball wanted to do everything possible to deliver the best product in the shortest time, and make happy with our order. They certainly succeeded!

Linda Evans
Covenant High School
Florida, USA

Elizabeth - Basketball Jerseys

It's been a pleasure working with you and Proball. After suffering through a bad experience with the previous vendor it has been great to find someone to provide us with the service we were looking for. I would recommend to Proball to anyone who is looking for a high quality basketball uniform at a reasonable price.

We were really impressed with the turn-around time and your customer service has been wonderfull. Thanks again and best of luck to you and Proball.

Rick Jensen
Athletic Director
Elizabeth High School
Elizabeth, Colorado

JC Rockets - Team Basketball Jerseys

Mr. Curtis Coward and I founded the JC Rockets around 1993 and during those years we have purchased many sets of kit for our teams. We have experienced good service and we have experience bad service but never before have we experienced as great service as with ProBall. I started the search this year outside of our area in Canada, as I was tired of the same old product and the same old service, I was looking for something special. I could not find what I wanted as far as quality and design and we were told to expect at least a 6-week turn-around for delivery. I decided to look on the Internet for alternatives, not really expecting to find any. I happened on Proball's site and liked what I saw but at the same time expected there to be a catch somewhere. I decided to ask anyway and when I got an immediate reply I was caught off guard.

All through the purchase process I continued to be caught by the unexpected. ProBall always exceeded expectations and promises!! You also babysat me as I got over my misgivings about dealing with a company halfway around the world. The staff had the knowledge and the empowerment to give me accurate and timely information and assistance. Our 43 uniforms were delivered before promised and in a quality that was way beyond original expectations. The delivery process was seamless with delivery to my door and no unexpected charges or surprises. The price quoted was the price delivered.

I am more than pleased with the quality and price of our uniforms but the key element to our most positive experience with ProBall has been the service. ProBall and its staff made it seem as if they were located next door. I recommend ProBall most highly.

Bill Stairs
Justin Coward Memorial Society
JC Rockets Basketball

Kent Denver - Basketball Uniforms

My experience with the Proball has resulted in the best school uniform purchase I have known as a Director of Athletics. The quality of the basketball uniform we bought exceeds any other uniform I have purchased and the price exceeded my expectations for durability with custom uniforms. I have paid twice that amount and not seen the quality the Proball basketball uniform provides. The customer service was unparalleled in my years in uniform purchasing. I found the Proball uniform to be unequaled in value and quality in my 17 years as a Director of Athletics.

Chuck Howell, CAA
Director of Athletics
Kent Denver High School
Englewood, Colorado, U.S.A.

Sydney Basketball Team - Outlaws

Love the new basketball uniforms. We definitely stand out on the course both with our choice of colour which you matched beautifully and our unique playing style ;)

Thanks again for all the support. The uniforms look great and you were a treat to work with.